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Kimberley Airport Parking


Kimberley Airport Parking Tarrifs

0 – 5 Minutes Free
5 Minutes – 1 Hour R12.00
1 – 2 Hours R14.00​
2 – 4 Hours R16.00
4 – 12 Hours R26.00
12 – 24 Hours R62.00
0 – 24 Hours Shade R70.00 per day
Lock-up Garages R90.00 per day


After 24 Hours: R26.00 per 12 Hours or part thereof.
Lost parking tickets are charged at R150.00 (If no proof is available, additional parking charges of R500.00 will be incurred)

*Usage of Kimberley Airport Parking is subject to terms and conditions as displayed on the disclaimer boards at the entrance to the airport parking area

Kimberley airport parking